If you’ve ever struggled to detox your own body and mind to remove toxins & fat in your busy schedule….

It is now possible with a Healthy Detox Diet & Lifestyle Program by ‘Divine Yoga for Women’.


Payment: – Rs. 1200 : Click here to pay

  1. Payment is non-refundable and non-transferable to others at any situation (We don’t work on refunding, unless the program is cancelled by us).
  2. If you are unable to participate in the diet after registering, you cannot join in next batch with same payment as the seats are planned & limited.
  3. Participation is at your discretion. Payments are final.


  1. This is a 10 days healthy eating detox diet & lifestyle changes program through Whatsapp group where you will be receiving recipes daily from Day
  2. This diet can be done by all (men, women, kids some recipes even babies & toddlers will enjoy) and can be done during periods, ovulation, breastfeeding and menopause. If you have any specific serious health issues / disorders, consult your doctor before joining the diet.
  3. Recipes detailed Audio will be sent in Tamil & all other communications will be in English.
  4. Next day Food Recipes will be shared daily through WhatsApp on the previous day only.
  5. No private guidance / support will be provided. All doubts should be clarified through group only.
  6. No home remedies for your specific long term issues will be provided. You can book for private consultations.
  7. You should note down or save the details that we send daily (It hardly takes 5 mins to listen the preparation). Will not be repeated from our end as recipes / food pattern are well planned & scheduled for that day only.
  8. After registering, get the groceries list on or before 3 days, & get back to us if not added in whatsapp group. Don’t wait for the last minute because all instructions will be shared through the group, so get back if missed from our end.

Additional Services apart from Diet:

  • Grocery check list which takes care of the supplies that you will be needing for the diet will be shared.
  • This is more than just a diet program. This focuses more on overall health & positivity.

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